Wheel Mode

Wheel Mode allows you to connect any Logitech G25/G27 to a PS4 and have it detect as a fully functional Logitech G29 with complete features including Force Feedback Support, clutch, brake, gas & gears

First connect Cronus Zen to a Windows PC (or Mac with Windows 10 installed) using a mini-USB cable from the PROG USB Port (See highlighted in red below). Then open Zen Studio.

Cronus Zen connected to a Windows PC (PROG USB Port)

Open the Zen Operational Mode interface by selecting Tools 👉 Zen Operational Mode. Then select 'Wheel Mode' and click Finish.

Once Wheel Mode is active, the letters WE will appear to the right of Zen's firmware version (FW v2.03 WE in the above example). The active Operational Mode is displayed in the status bar, and you can also click this area to load the Zen Operational Mode interface.

The OLED Message Screen will display the following graphic.

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