Step 1: Update Firmware

The manual covers every step extensively, however, this Quick Start section is designed to skip all the details and cut right to the chase. First you must update the Zen firmware.
Current Firmware version: 2.0.3

This first step is extremely important. Always keep your Cronus Zen updated with the latest firmware as we're constantly fixing bugs, increasing functionality and improving stability.

Before you begin, make sure Zen Studio or any other Cronus software isn't open, with nothing connected to the Zen device.

Update Firmware

1. Download the Collective Minds Firmware Update Tool and run.

If you have trouble opening the software, disable any AV tools like Norton or Windows Defender, and try running the update tool as Administrator (right click > Run as Administrator)

2. Connect the short 12" micro-USB cable from Zen's rear CONSOLE USB port to your Windows PC (or a MAC running Windows).

3. Press and hold the reset button on the bottom of the Zen.

4. Windows should make a "device connected" sound, the Zen OLED Message Screen will display 'Zen Bootloader', and the RGB LEDs will glow.

5. The Collective Minds Update tool will now display your Zen's info. Click it to continue.

6. Click Continue then Begin Update to update your firmware to the latest version (If you get an error disable any Anti-Virus tool that you may have running, including Windows Defender).

7. Once complete the Zen will run an automated Hard Reset (RGB's flash RED, GREEN, BLUE).

Success! Disconnect the micro-USB cable from the PC and continue to Step 2.