MAX Combo
Automate the creation of combo sequences by reading controller inputs and converting the data into GPC code.
The MAX Combo plugin automates the creation of combo sequences by reading the controller inputs and converting this data into GPC code. The code optimization is focused in minimizing the code size, but ensuring that all events are reproduced faithfully. The algorithm automatically identifies the beginning and end of the sequence of commands executed in the controller. You can include (or exclude) the data from accelerometers and/or DS4 Touchpad. You are able to record in 300 second intervals.
Now think of the potential here – let's say you have a modded controller from a company that says their Anti-Recoil is one of a kind and impossible to copy and no one else has it. With MAX Combo you can record it and convert to an editable GPC script in seconds!
Last modified 1yr ago
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