Main Interface
This page covers Zen Studio's main interface and basic functionality.

Menu Bar

The menu bar has a set of drop down menus for easy access to all Zen Studio functions, such as opening and saving script files, editing & navigating code in the compiler, access to tools like Device Monitor, Zen Studio Update and Zen Operational Mode, a list of pre-loaded Plugins for added functionality and links to useful support resources.

File, Edit & Compiler

These menu options allow you to work with GPC script files and GPJ project files.
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Available tools for monitoring, and operating your Cronus Zen, to check online updates for Zen Studio and to change Operational Mode.
  • ​Device Monitor: This opens the Device Monitor window. To have access to this menu item the CronusMAX Zen device needs to be connected to your computer via the PC PROG USB Port with a mini-USB cable.
  • ​Zen Studio Update: Zen Studio has a built in update wizard that checks online for the latest version of the Zen Studio software. This check is performed manually and requires an internet connection.
  • ​Zen Operational Mode: Selects which mode you wish the Cronus Zen to run in:
    • ​Normal Mode: This is the default setting for Cronus Zen. Full access to all scripts and GamePacks with no restrictions.
    • ​Tournament Mode: The Compiler is disabled which removes access to Scripts and GamePacks. This tech is also used in another product we developed for the Call of Duty World Leagueβ„’ called the "Tournament Stick", which is the only controller adapter approved by Activision.
    • ​Wheel Mode: Allows you to connect any compatible racing wheel, shifter, clutch and pedals to a PlayStation 4, and have it detect by the game as a fully functional Logitech G29 with complete wheel features, including FORCE FEEDBACK SUPPORT!
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Functionality can be extended with the addition of Plugins. A plugin can access and modify the data exchanged between game controller, mouse or keyboard and the console, allowing a wide range of applications. All Plugins can also be accessed using keyboard shortcuts.
  • ​MAX Combo (Alt+F1): Record any sequence of buttons/sticks which then gets converted to gpc script. Especially useful for fighting game combos, or any game that uses a long or repetitive sequence of buttons.
  • ​MAX Mapper (Alt + F2): Easily remap controls using a visual interface then save and export the changes to a GPC script without any coding knowledge.
  • ​MAX Rec (Alt + F3): This is for recording a macro which can be saved, loaded and shared. Need to go AFK? Record simple movements, save, run and loop. Stop when you're ready to get back to playing.
  • ​M&K Settings (Alt + F4): Get the the best possible lag-free mouse translation for console games with the Mouse & Keyboard Settings Plugin. Load a premade Game Profile directly from the M&K Settings interface, or import one of the many shared Game Profiles in the Cronus Zen Community. You can also manually adjust all existing mouse parameters to achieve a PC 1:1 like movement
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The help menu contains links to our website and to our online community. You also have access to the User Manual, and other helpful links and documentation. About Zen Studio (F1) Studio gives detailed information regarding Zen Studio software and firmware build versions.

Working Panels

Switching between working panels is easily done by using the navigation tabs, as shown in the picture below. The Zen Studio software has five working panels:
  • ​Library: Interface for viewing and downloading GPC scripts from our online database. It is a quick start for those who don't have any familiarity with programming and want to make use of the available GPC scripts shared by the Cronus Community, or for those who are interested in learning more about the GPC script language through examples.
  • ​Compiler: Features an integrated development environment (IDE) that provides comprehensive facilities to programmers for GPC scripting development. It consists of a source code editor, syntax highlighting, integrated GPC compiler and testing tools.
  • ​Programmer: Gives easy access to all GamePacks (both CronusMAX Plus & Cronus Zen), GPC Scripts, Remapping Profiles and GPC Files, so you can program any combination of those to one of eight Cronus Zen 32k memory slots. You must be connected to the internet to view our GPC Script Library and the huge collection of GamePacks.
  • ​Device: Various options including DualShock 4 Light Bar Brightness, a graphical display of Connected Devices, set the Emulator Output Protocol to Auto or manually select a preferred gaming platform, select a controller shortcut for Remote Slot Change (change memory slots from your controller without having to press the P1 button), Erase Memory Slots or perform a full Factory Reset.
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Community Panel

The Community Panel displays all of your Community and GPC Library stats once you register your Cronus Zen. Once registered you get access to the Zen Community and Zen Scripts in the GPC library.
You will also notice your Zen serial number which is linked to your community account. Having this will validate your status as an owner of the Cronus Zen, and it is also used to store all saves and settings to that particular Zen device (useful if you have more than one device on the same computer).
Watch this video to see how easy it is to register your Cronus Zen
How To Register Cronus Zen (YouTube)

Status Bar

The Status Bar is an information area for Zen Studio and can be found at the bottom of the main interface. The status bar is divided into three sections, each of which shows different information.
The very first section to the left displays information directly from the Zen device, if it is connected or not and the firmware version.
The next section to the right displays which Zen Operational Mode is active. This area is also clickable.
Finally, the section to the far right is for the Compiler Editor. This displays if the active script is OK or BAD, what Line/Column is selected in the editor and if INSERT is enabled on your keyboard or not.
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