How to Register Zen
Sync your Cronus Zen to your Cronus Community account and get access to exclusive areas of the community, including a private Zen Community and higher-level GPC Library access.
The Community Panel displays all of your Community and GPC Library stats once you register your Cronus Zen. Once registered you get access to the Zen Community and Zen Scripts in the GPC library.
You will also notice your Zen serial number which is linked to your community account. Having this will validate your status as an owner of the Cronus Zen, and it is also used to store all saves and settings to that particular Zen device (useful if you have more than one device on the same computer).

Register Device

If you DO NOT have a Cronus Community Account, sign up here:

If you DO have a Cronus Community Account, sign in here:

Registration Success!

You can add up to five Cronus Zen's to your Community account
Watch this video to see how easy it is to register your Cronus Zen
How To Register Cronus Zen (YouTube)
Find more detailed information about the Cronus Community and its Forums

Unregister Device

If you sell your Zen or wish to remove it from your Cronus Account, click on the Unregister Device link (this will also remove your access to the Zen Community and all benefits and access that registration provides).
Last modified 1yr ago