How to Program a GamePack
Video demonstration showing how easy it is to download, configure, and program a Cronus Zen GamePack.

How to Download & Program a Zen GamePack

GamePacks are pre-configured MODS written by expert gamers in the Cronus Community and also from the development team at Collective Minds which are marked as [PRO]. All Zen GamePacks include an easy to use setup interface both in Zen Studio and on the OLED screen of your Cronus Zen.
It is highly recommended that you first try the FPS Master Zen GamePack as this is quite easy to setup as the defaults are all pretty strong with most FPS Games and it gives you every major MOD available in one pack - it's a great starter for anyone new to GamePacks.
Once the GamePack is programmed to your Zen, select the correct memory slot by pressing the P1 button which is the blue button to the right of the OLED screen - you will see the logo of the GamePack with instructions how to enter the Gamepack Menu System.
Watch this video to see how easy it is to download & program a Zen GamePack
Last modified 1yr ago
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