Windows PC
Cronus Zen supports gaming on a Windows PC. Connect your favorite Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and Wii controllers - including Mouse & Keyboard support!
Mouse & Keyboard support is specifically designed for consoles, so PC performance may vary depending on the game and controller you are using. PC games must support Xbox 360 controllers as this is what the Zen emulates in Windows. Some games may only offer limited support, check the Cronus Community for more details.
All methods of controller connectivity are supported with Zen, including wired (hard-wired or USB cable) and wireless (Wireless Adapter or Bluetooth).
If you wish to use your controller on a Windows PC, the Zen will be detected as an XBOX 360 CONTROLLER. Simply connect the Zen to your PC using the provided short micro-USB cable, connect your controller to the A2 or A3 USB port, or pair wirelessly to the Zen using the Wireless instructions in Step 3. Open Zen Studio and select the Device Tab. The Emulator Output Protocol in Zen Studio must be set to either PC/MOBILE, XBOX 360, or Xbox One X|S otherwise the PC will not detect that a controller is available for gaming.
Any device connected to the Cronus Zen will be detected as an Xbox 360 Controller when gaming on PC.
If you wish to use Zen Studio for scripting/testing, simply connect a mini-USB cable to the PROG USB Port too - you are now able to use Zen Studio's Device Monitor with real-time feedback from the controller.
IMPORTANT INFO: Pass-thru authentication is not required when gaming on a PC - simply connect your controller (or other devices such as Mouse & Keyboard) to USB Ports A2 or A3.
When no controller is connected, The Zen will always be detected as an Xbox when connected to a PC using the rear CONSOLE USB Port and a micro-USB cable.

Headset Support

If you wish to use a headset when gaming on PC, it must be connected directly to your computers sound card (it won't work if you connect directly to the controller).
Some older headsets have 2 x TRS 3.5mm jacks - one for the microphone (red) and one for the headphones (green). However most newer models use a single 4 pole TRRS 3.5mm jack that includes headset audio and mic in one single connection.
To connect these newer headsets to a soundcard with separate audio and mic sockets, you'll need a headset/mic audio splitter which can be purchased from our store here
Note: Headsets are not supported when connected directly to the controller - this is a console only feature. Not all headsets support being connected directly to the PC sound card. Check with the manufacturer for compatibility.

Test Your Controller in Windows

Windows has a built-in game controller test app where you can check if your controller is being detected correctly using Cronus Zen. Simply run the command 'joy.cpl' and the app will open.
You can test and calibrate your controller using this tool. If the app does not detect a controller is connected, you will need to check your settings and USB cables.
When the Cronus Zen and your controller is detected by Windows, you will notice that the Zen is listed as an Xbox 360 controller; this is by design and entirely correct. You can now play with any PC game that supports Xbox controllers
Here's a useful article
on how to use the Game Controllers app correctly.
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