Windows PC

Select which controller you wish to connect to your Windows PC

All methods of controller connectivity are supported, including wired (hard-wired or USB cable) and wireless (Wireless Adapter or Bluetooth).

Make sure the Emulator Output Protocol in Zen Studio is set to Auto or the platform of the controller you are gaming with if that doesn't work for your setup. Windows will then provide the appropriate functionality to the PC.

For example, Fortnite has DualShock 4 support on a PC, so set the output to Auto or PlayStation 4 and Fortnite will unlock DS4 layout features including Touchpad support.

Do not connect a controller to A1 when using Zen on a PC/Laptop, it is not required and will not work in-game.

If you wish to use Zen Studio for scripting/testing, simply connect your controller to A2/A3/Bluetooth and connect a mini-USB cable to the PROG USB Port too and you're good to go (see image below)

Wired DS4 connected to A3. Zen connected to PC via CONSOLE USB (for gaming output)