Step 2: Setup Zen Studio
This page explains how to quickly download and install the Zen Studio software, how to connect your Zen to a computer, and how to link everything successfully to your Cronus Community account.
Current Zen Studio version: Version 1.0.10

USB Cables

It's important to make sure you are using the correct USB cable connected to the correct USB port. The vast majority of "Device Disconnected" reports are attributed to using the wrong USB cable/USB port, or using a faulty cable.
The different USB cables used by Cronus Zen

1. Download Zen Studio Software

Download and run the latest version of the Zen Studio Software
from our website​
Windows 7 users only! Must be updated to the very latest Windows 7 Service Pack and also install a special driver fix which can be found on our downloads page. You must also have all the latest .NET and C++ package updates which can also be found on the Downloads page.
Cronus Downloads Page: Screenshot
Having trouble downloading or running Zen Studio? Temporarily disable any Anti-Virus software such as Norton or Windows Defender, as these sometimes trigger false positives with Zen's strong encryption algorithm. If that doesn't help, you may have a previous install that became corrupted. Click here for details on how to fix that.

2. Connect Cronus Zen to a PC

Connect a mini-USB cable from the PROG USB Port of the Cronus Zen to a computer with Windows installed (PC or MAC).
Windows 10 is fully supported on PC or MAC w/ Bootcamp or VMWare
Most onboard USB ports, found at the rear of a PC, carry more power (mA) than USB headers on the front, so we highly recommend that you connect your Zen directly to onboard USB ports (USB2.0, USB3.0 and USB3.1 are supported). Poor quality USB power will cause erratic behavior and unsatisfactory performance.
This applies to desktop PCs only - laptops and notebooks are fine.

3. Check Zen Device is Connected

Zen Studio's status bar should now display "Device Connected Zen FW...." if it doesn't try another USB port or USB cable.
Zen Studio Status Bar
If Zen Studio says 'Device Disconnected', there's no need to waste any of your time by contacting support because you're already given the reasons why this happens and how to fix, right here​

4. Register Your Cronus Zen

​Register the Cronus Zen with your Cronus Community account. This will integrate the Zen hardware & Zen Studio software with your account on the Cronus Forums, giving you access to private support areas and extra privileges such as the upcoming private Zen GPC Library, and Cronus Private Discord, available only to Zen owners.
You may need to disable any pop-up blockers you have in your default web browser as this may interfere with the registration process.
If you require more detailed information about registering your Cronus Zen
Find more detailed information about the Cronus Community and its Forums
Find how to get access to the Cronus Private Discord

5. Refresh Stats

Click the 'REFRESH STATS' button and your Cronus Community account will now display along with your GPC Library and Community stats.
If the registration is successful but doesn't show your details in Zen Studio yet, your browser cache will likely need refreshing. Full instructions here:​
Pro Tip: Even if you don't use it, empty the Internet Explorer cache too​
You're now ready to connect and setup your controller. Continue to Step 3.
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