Step 4: GamePacks & Scripts

This is an optional step. If you have no interest in MODs - have a great day! To those that do, let's get you cooking....

Mods, GamePacks & Scripts...huh?

Getting to this point in the guide shows you have successfully completed the single most important step when starting your Cronus journey, by updating the firmware on your Cronus Zen to the latest version. This also demonstrates that your Zen hardware, USB cables, USB Ports and ability to follow technical instructions is on the money and not something you have to worry about. You have the latest version of Zen Studio installed, your controller is connected and working without any issues and everything is golden. So what next?

If this is your first time jumping into the world of gaming mods, it's probably a little daunting and overwhelming. Well, you're not wrong. It can be a bit much if you don't know what you are doing, and it's probably driving you crazy playing against other guys online only to get crushed over and over, you just want to get in there and game on the same level as they are. You have no idea what Scripts or GamePacks are and it's all a bit confusing, right?

Let's make it easy for you.

What's important to know is that MODs built with a Cronus is not hacking. There's no manipulation of the game's code and there's nothing that you can do that is not already allowed on a controller.

However......with specific button/stick/sensor outputs from your controller at a specific time, you are able to create a MOD, and that's exactly what Cronus Zen does. It takes complete command over every possible output from your controller - and that's what it manipulates in memory, not the game itself. By using the GPC scripting language it's then possible to achieve some pretty fun stuff that not only makes your gaming a little easier and probably less frustrating, but also a lot more enjoyable too.

What are MODs?

A selection of the most popular MODs featured in Cronus GamePacks

A MOD can be a sequence of controller events that can really improve your gaming experience. It could be something as simple as Auto Sprint, where normally you have to push the left stick down and forward all the way and hold it there to be able to run at full speed - but with a MOD, you can simply touching your left stick forward, even just a little bit, and it will tell the game that you are pushing your stick down and forward all the way, and your character will permanently run. Or you may have a semi-auto weapon that you have to keep pressing the right trigger hard and fast to get any kind of action - but with a MOD you can set a hair trigger so that the weapon fires with just the absolute slightest amount of touch and then have it fire rounds at a much greater speed than you ever thought possible. Then it can get really complex with Anti-Recoil or Aim-Assist type MODs that use in-game rumble frequency to determine exactley how to adjust your weapon and its interaction with other players in real-time. That's when it gets really saucy and fun.

MODs can be delivered into two ways, by an actual script where you have the full source code at your disposal, ideal for those who have experience with scripts or some level of coding, or if you have absolutely no scripting experience, no coding knowledge and it all completely goes over your head, for you, we make GamePacks.


GamePacks are a handpicked selection of favorite pre-configured MODs, built by expert gamers from the awesome Cronus Community and also by members of the Collective Minds development team (marked as [PRO]). They are available to download directly in the Zen Studio software, and include the GamePack Configuration Interface (or GCI as we call it), which gives easy access to each MOD and the ability to activate them with a simple click, along with multiple options that you will eventually be familiar with as you become comfortable with your MOD playing style.

How to Program a GamePack

Open Zen Studio, click on the Programmer tab, then simply select the GamePack you want from the list on the right and drag it to an empty memory slot. Once programmed to the Zen, there's an advanced menu system displayed on Zen's OLED Message Screen that gives you direct access to each MOD option and adjustable values such as speed and power while you are playing the game, in real-time without being connected to a computer.

It is highly recommended that you first try the FPS Master GamePack as this is quite easy to setup as the defaults are all pretty strong with most FPS Games and it gives you every major MOD available in one pack - it's a great starter for anyone new to GamePacks.

FPS Master GamePack (Slot 1)

Once the GamePack is programmed to your Zen, select the correct memory slot by pressing the P1 button which is the blue button to the right of the OLED screen - you will see the logo of the GamePack with instructions how to enter the GamePack Menu System (LT/L2 + MENU/OPTIONS)

OLED GamePack Menu System

📺 Watch this video to see how easy it is to download & program a Zen GamePack 👉


How to Program a GPC Script

GPC Scripts are written and maintained by members of the community and can be downloaded for free from the GPC Library. Each will have their own instructions and methods of operation. All are different so we recommend you read any notes and instructions which are usually in the header of the script. If you need further help you can click on the Authors name and contact them directly through the Cronus Community.

We are unable to provide any direct support for scripts as they are built and maintained by members of the Cronus Community. If you are using any script, make sure you know how it works, how to set it up and how to use it. It's always a good idea to speak to the author if you have any issues.

🔎 Find advanced script instructions in the GPC User Guide 👉 here:

Sample GPC Script loaded into Zen Studio's Compiler

You can also download GPC scripts from other sources and program the same way simply by loading it into the compiler (File👉 Open). This is particularly popular in the scripting sections of the Cronus Community and our incredibly active Cronus Discord Servers (CronusMAX Discord / Cronus Zen Discord)

📺 Watch this video to see how easy it is to download & program a script 👉