Everything you need to get started with Cronus Zen
Welcome to the Cronus Zen User Guide.
Cronus Zen is the engine that helps connect your favorite controller to your favorite console. It also gives you the ability to load scripts, mods and macros for your favorite games, play with pre-configured drag-and-drop GamePacks with no skill level required, remap your buttons, sticks & sensors to whichever custom layout you prefer, connect a Mouse & Keyboard to any console with lag-free precision, convert your expensive XB360/PS3 Logitech or Fanatec racing wheel to work on a PlayStation 4 with Force Feedback, Pedals & Gear Shifter support, or play with a new, insanely fast Tournament Edition mode - a technology that was used by all teams in the Call of Dutyยฎ World League
- all of this in one device!
This guide has been formatted so you're able to find clear step-by-step instructions and other important information in an easy to navigate menu system which you can find on your left
We recommended that you watch this video before starting using Zen - you won't be sorry!
Once you've watched the video, here's a detailed breakdown of the different sections of this Zen User Guide to help you find what you need as quickly as possible....


โ€‹Discover Cronus Zen - A quick overview of the product and it's features.
โ€‹Cronus Zen vs CronusMAX - A breakdown of the main differences between Zen and its award-winning predecessor.

Quick Start Guide

โ€‹Step 1: Update Firmware - The very first thing you should do before anything else. Takes 15 seconds.
โ€‹Step 2: Setup Zen Studio - How to setup and install the Zen Studio Windows software. If you have a MAC it has been tested to be fully compatible with the latest version of Bootcamp and Windows 10.
โ€‹Step 3: Controller Setup - Every basic wired & wireless scenario for every controller type is on this page. We've also provided more detailed console-specific instructions which you can find listed under SYSTEMS
โ€‹Step 4: GamePacks & Scripts - GamePacks are a handpicked selection of favorite pre-configured MODs built by expert gamers, and Scripts


โ€‹Zen Studio - Everything you need to know about the software engine at the heart of Cronus Zen, including the 5 main feature panels Library, Compiler, Programmer and Deviceโ€‹
โ€‹Plugins - These are additional add-ons that offer an enhanced feature set to Zen Studio. M&K Settings (for setting up Mouse & Keyboard), MAX Mapper (an easy to use button remapping interface), MAX Rec (capture all controller outputs and save in GPC script format), and MAX Combo (record a set of complicated moves and share them with the community for easy playback).


This section provides detailed information on what is supported on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC, including step-by-step instructions on how to connect original and crossover controllers to that system, with specific examples of the more popular controllers such as the Elite S2 and Astro C40 TR.
Important Note: Current support for PlayStation 5 games is dependent on the game supporting PS4 Speciality Mode.
For a list of games that support PS4 Speciality Mode
click here โ€‹


โ€‹Controllers - This section provides detailed information on controllers for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, including an extensive list of known compatible models, with specifics of what you can do and what you can't do (don't worry, there's not much 'can't' around here).
โ€‹Mouse & Keyboard - Everything you need to get maximum performance from your Mouse & Keyboard. Includes In-Game Settings for the most popular games (this is a critical step), and a comprehensive list of known Supported Devices (this is updated regularly, so don't worry if you don't see your mouse or keyboard listed, test it first and let us know if it works or not).
โ€‹Racing Wheels - How to setup your XB360/PS3 Logitech or Fanatec wheel on a PlayStation 4. Includes a list of supported wheels.
โ€‹Unknown Devices - Does your Zen not support a device? Find out here how to send a report so we can try and add it for you.
โ€‹What is Authentication? - Authentication - or Auth as it's most commonly known, is probably the most important thing to know when setting up a Cronus Zen. What is it? Why it is required? Everything is explained on this page.

Need Help?

โ€‹Emergency Recovery - Quickly restore access to Cronus Zen if the device ever crashes with an error code or becomes corrupted.
โ€‹Controller Test - Everything you need to test all functions of your controller on a Cronus Zen. Includes a great GPC script with full OLED Message Screen output (Special thanks to Community Staff Member DoGzTheFiGhTeR).
โ€‹Troubleshooting - We come across a lot of different support scenarios, the most common ones are posted to this page (updated regularly).
โ€‹Reduce Display Lag - This is a common problem that many don't seem to know about. A great deal of lag can be introduced by simply having your display not setup correctly. This page explains how, why and what you can do about it.
Thank you for reading, and welcome to the Cronus Community
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