Cronus Zen v CronusMAX+
Detailed feature comparison of the award-winning Cronus game controller adapters.

What is the difference?

Here's a side by side comparison, highlighting the major differences between the Award-Winning CronusMAX PLUS and the all-new Cronus Zen.
Zen Studio Software
Cronus Pro Software
Crossover Controller Support
Crossover Headset/Audio Support¹
Xbox Series X/S Console Support
Xbox One / Xbox 360 Console Support
PS5 Console Support
PS4 / PS3 Console Support
Nintendo Switch Console Support
Windows PC Support
Mouse & Keyboard Direct Engine (No PC)
Secondary Device Support (No PC)
M&K Settings Plugin
X-AIM Plugin
USB Ports
3 Inputs
2 Outputs
1 Input
2 Outputs
Xbox One/360 Controller - Wired/USB
Xbox One Controller - Bluetooth¹
Xbox One Controller - Wireless Adapter²
Xbox 360 Controller - Wireless Receiver²
¹Requires wired original Xbox One controller (Zen A1 Auth) & recommend Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Adapter for all XB1 controllers (supports Auth, Wireless & Headset Audio - better than Bluetooth) ²Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 and Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows are sold separately ³Requires DualShock 4 Controller v2 (CUH-ZCT2) (Zen A1 Auth) PS4 Wheel Mode supports Logitech G25, G27 and many Fanatec Wheels with Full Force Feedback Several new and enhanced commands such as get_keyboard() are supported by Zen only

New Controller Support

Cronus Zen supports many of the very latest controllers. Here's a few examples:
Astro C40
Microsoft Elite S2
Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro
Nacon Revolution Pro 2
Razer Raiju Tournament Edition
Razer Raiju Ultimate
Scuf Vantage
Scuf Vantage 2
C40 Wireless Adapter Supported (inc Headset support) Wired, Bluetooth & Wireless Adapter Wired/USB Only
Some third-party licensed controllers may require an original wired controller that matches the console. This is called the Auth Controller.