Emergency Recovery
Quickly restore access to Cronus Zen if the device ever crashes with an error code or becomes corrupted. Also used to determine if there is a fault and why.
The first thing you need to know is that your Cronus Zen has a 90 Day warranty. If it develops a fault of any kind we will replace it with a brand new model, so do not worry if you run into any issues, these things can happen in electronics but it's important for you to know that we have your back!

My Zen Isn't Working - What Now?

Any time your Zen crashes with an error code or simply refuses to respond, we have a number of fail-safe procedures in place so that you can recover your Zen and get back to gaming - or at the very least show you there is a fault, why, and what to do about it.

Error Codes

Why do Error Codes Happen? Error events are usually caused by compiling or programming a badly coded script, using a script that is designed for a newer firmware version, Zen Studio has possibly become corrupted, or using an input device (mouse, keyboard, controller etc.) that is not compatible - it does NOT mean your Zen is faulty. This is why it is also important to make sure your Zen is updated to the latest firmware at all times, and that any script you use has been verified by the author or another user to be compatible with Zen.
If you ever get an E2/E3 error code, it is highly recommended you change any USB cables you're using as they may have a fault that is contributing to this problem.
If you are updated to the latest firmware and find a script that causes Zen to crash, click here to post a report with a copy of the script and a member of the support team will take care of it for you (example of a reported E2021 error with GPC script).

E2XXX Error Code

An E2 error code like E2021 usually happens when you've programmed a corrupt or incompatible script to one of Zen's memory slots.

E3XXX Error Code

An E3 error code like E3001 or E3002 is a full system crash that usually happens when a firmware update has corrupted or connecting an input device that is not compatible.
If you have an input device like a mouse or keyboard that causes an E3XXX error each time you connect to the Zen, it's most likely that the device is not yet supported, or perhaps a driver bug in the firmware. To get this resolved we ask that you to post an Unsupported Device​
report to this section of the Cronus Community Support Forum​
so that it can be investigated by our development team.


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