Controller Test
How to test that your controller is working correctly with Cronus Zen.
First, make sure the Emulator Output Protocol in Zen Studio is set to Auto, If that gives you any issues, you can also manually select the platform of the controller you are gaming with. Windows will then provide the appropriate functionality.
If you are testing on a PC, make sure the output is set to PC/Mobile.
Cronus Zen does not require an Auth Controller to A1 when connected to a Windows PC and gaming with a controller.

Zen Test Script

Here's a super useful GPC script written by Community Staff Member DoGzTheFiGhTeR that runs the Cronus Zen and your controller through every possible test to show you within minutes that everything is working as it should (or perhaps it isn't?)
Download and run the latest version of the Cronus Zen Test Script
  • Controller Tests
  • Device Monitor Repeater (View Live Input Values)
  • Button Tests
  • Touchpad Tests
  • Stick Tests
  • Trigger Tests
  • Gyro/Acc Tests
  • Vibration Tests
  • Battery Test
  • Equipment In Use
  • Led Tester Viewer
  • Zen Calculator
  • Ascii Viewer
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