Unsupported Devices
If you have a licensed device that is not working or detecting correctly by Cronus Zen, follow these steps to help us add your device to the Zen firmware.

Unsupported Device Report

Download: USB Device Tree Viewer
If you have a licensed device that is not detected by Cronus Zen, use this free tool to compile a detailed USB output report. Simply connect the device to a USB port (preferably onboard if you're using a desktop - not one of the front USB ports), highlight the device so that the info is displayed on screen in the right window of the tool, right click on the device in the left window and select 'Copy Report from here'.
Our mission is to add as many of the most popular controllers as possible - not to add all controllers, therefore all reports are reviewed by the development team and if it is possible to add them, they will be included in a future firmware update.
Unfortunately it is not possible to give a timetable for adding any new controllers.
You can then paste the report into a forum post or text file, along with full details of the input device you are trying to use and any other details regarding your experience to the Controllers / Headsets & Audio / Input Devices section of the Zen forums.
Unlicensed and generic third party devices are not officially supported by the Cronus Zen.
Last modified 5mo ago
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