Cronus Discord
How to join and use the Official Cronus Discord Support Server.

Getting Started

The Cronus Official Discord is now open to CronusMAX and Cronus Zen users. Click here to join:​
If you have a Cronus Zen and wish to get access to the private Zen channels, you must first Register Your Cronus Zen in the Zen Studio software.
After you have joined the Cronus Discord, you will find yourself in a channel called #rules
Please take the time to read these rules as they are strictly enforced by Discord channel staff. Don't worry if you are totally new to this stuff, as long as you stick to the guidelines and basics, you'll pick it up in no time.
Once you have read over the rules you need to register your zen in the #cronus-registeration discord channel to get access to all the channels.

Rules & Etiquette

These are the golden rules of the Cronus Community. These rules are enforced by the community staff members, and failure to comply will get you a warning or in worst cases, cause your account to be suspended. Please take these rules seriously as they are essential to an efficient, healthy, productive, and safe community

All Community Staff Members Are Unpaid Volunteers

It is important to remember that all staff members in the Cronus Community are unpaid volunteers. They were promoted somewhere along the line as they showed great dedication to helping others. Please treat them with respect at all times and follow any direction they give you.

Post to the Correct Section

This one is self explanatory. Posting in the wrong section is one of the worst things you can do if you need help. If you have a Cronus Zen Script question, post in the Cronus Zen Script section. If you have a Cronus Zen Warzone Pro GamePack question, post in the Warzone Pro GamePack section. If you post to the wrong section your question will likely not be answered as you're not reaching out to the correct people. We don't make it hard.
The #general-chat channel is just that - no Cronus support in this channel. If you have a question, it is very important that you post to the correct channel.

The Community is not an Instant Messaging System

You may get a response within minutes, hours or sometimes days - it really depends on your question and if it is something that is already answered in this guide, or if you haven't provided enough information making it impossible to assist. Community Members like to see you make an effort with trying to help yourself first. Do that and you'll not only learn quicker, but you'll have a much more enjoyable experience.
Please take into consideration that this is a global community with members all over the world in multiple time zones. So you may be replying to someone at 1:50pm in New York, USA but they could be in Adelaide, Australia where it's 5:50am in the morning.

How To Post a Support Request

It is important that any support request follows these guidelines.
This one is pretty simple. If you follow the guidelines and include the information requested, your issue will be answered and resolved in good time - whether you have found a problem and need it fixed, or if you would like something changed or added.
If you don't follow the guidelines, it is highly unlikely that you'll receive a response.

Members Write Scripts for the Community in their Own Free Time

No one is paid to write scripts, so remember to be polite and courteous if making a script request and you may get what you ask for. Rude, obnoxious, and impatient users will almost certainly not be helped by the community and risk having their account suspended.
Please do not demand scripts or have any expectations that you are entitled to have anyone in the community write scripts for you. Remember to be kind and you shall be rewarded

Do Not Pay Scammers for Scripts

All scripts in the Cronus Community are free and open-source. Do not ask for payment or give payment to anyone for scripts. We do check these so-called advanced paid scripts regularly and find nothing impressive and nothing that isn't already freely available in the Cronus GPC Library. You can even see direct copy and paste markers that are put in many of the open-source popular scripts on purpose - just to catch these guys out.
If anyone tries to get you to pay or asks for a donation, inform a member of staff and that account will be dealt with accordingly.
If you are interested in a subscription based premium Mod service, we highly recommend getting a StrikePack for your Xbox One or PS4 controller. Both are fully compatible with Cronus Zen, with exclusive access to their ModPass Subscription Service for only $14.99 a year.

Be Kind!

Always be kind and courteous to others. Manners cost nothing and remember many people helping you are not paid staff and are volunteering their time for free, so be please be respectful and patient at all times. Anyone who is rude and abusive to staff or other members of the community will have their accounts permanently suspended.